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Style that stands out, performance that delights and nautical, layout that makes life on the boat easier, and more...

Our model, which is equipped with luxury motor yachts, has an interior design that will provide the user with the highest level of comfort. Our model, where you can enjoy your interest in the sea and your hobbies, gives its users a comfortable stay and a pleasant driving opportunity with its special infrastructure that gives importance to balance.


Rear Cockpit

It has a large seating group and an adjustable table. There are live fish basket, freezer and compartments under the sitting group. Since the motor is embedded, it gives the user a comfort that will not restrict the movement area.


Thanks to the sliding door, it creates an extra section of your own in the boat and allows you to stabilize the temperature in the winter season. It has an extensive kitchen counter with many compartments underneath. Opposite it is a sitting group and a table. This seating group, which has many options, provides comfort in terms of the number of people to be accommodated on the boat.


Our cockpit, which is wide and offers many options that can be customized by the user, provides the user with full peripheral vision by design.


Our cabin, which has a wide and comfortable bed, provides a comfortable accommodation opportunity for its users, as the boat does not sprinkle water due to its design. In addition, there is a hanging cabinet opposite the bed section where you can place your belongings such as clothes, tools and equipment. Thanks to the glasses on the side parts, our cabin creates a spacious place for its user.


Our WC cabin, which has a separate compartment from the cabin, has a wide and high area according to the boat dimensions. For this reason, it does not cause any difficulties to the user while being in it. There are cabinets and hangers to store the products that will be needed.

Front Deck

Our deck, where 3-4 people can sunbathe comfortably, makes it even easier to reach the deck with its wide side walkways. Optional sunbathing mats transform the deck into a more comfortable area of use.

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